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Packing tips for your first competitive distance ride (of the season, or ever!)

In case you missed my post about creating a training plan, I will let you know, I am pretty anal when it comes to my preparation.  It should come as no surprise, that lists are one of my best friends.  In fact, I will occasionally make lists of lists that need to be made.  Of course, it is never enough either to just make one list and stick with it, nope, it needs to be refreshed and fine tuned every year, every ride, multiple times before the ride.

So as I prepare my lists for our first ride of the season (little under 2 weeks away at this point), I am going to share some tips for those of you who want to make your own lists, and my lists for those of you who don’t.

Making your to do list

You have 2 weeks before open season… what do you need to do?

  1. Memberships all paid up?  Do I have my membership cards or do I need to follow up or print them out?
  2. Insurance – have I bought this?  Do I have my policies and certificates printed out?
  3. Vet checks – is my Coggins certificate within limits?  Do I need update my vaccinations? Are there any nigging lamenesses or issues that you need to nip now before you get into competition?
  4. Ride flyer and entry form – printed, completed and paid?
  5. All of the above printed and filed thoughtfully in a binder, ready to present at registration?
  6. Will your horse need shoes, boots, trim?
  7. Is all your tack working comfortably for your and your horse?  Does anything need repair? Is it clean? Do you have enough clean saddle pads
  8. How are you getting to the ride?  If you have your own truck and trailer, has everything been certified?
  9. How are you going to contain your horse?  Is everything in good repair?
  10. Do you have all the horse food, electrolytes, water buckets, grooming tool etc that you need? Or is it time to hit up your local feed and tack shops (or tack swaps… come visit ESRR at Caledon this weekend!


Making your packing list

Things get pretty crazy when packing for a ride and we all fear forgetting something important.

  1. Pick categories for your list first.  I structure my categories either around the activity or by where it will be packed (and if you are really keen, why not do both?!!!).  What categories have I picked?  Camping stuff, riding stuff, horse stuff, overnight, ESRR, meals
  2. Sub-lists!  OMG, here is where we get into the lists of lists (within other lists of course, because packing list is on my to do list… oh my pulse is rising!)  This is where I start adding in the “where is it packed” question.  Take my “camping stuff” category – in my camping gear I have a cooler and a kitchen tote – both of which will contain other stuff.  Food, utensils etc.  I find if I break it down into these sub categories, I am less likely to forget something pesky.  Under horse stuff, I may have a saddle bag listed, but what do I want to pack in that saddle bag?
  3. Make a meal plan – this is a simple table with the meals as row headers and the days as column headers.  Fill in what you want to eat and bing bang boom, you can pull those guys out and put them in your coolers and kitchen totes.  Yessss.
  4. Have 2 of everything horsey.  I learned this from my friend Linda – things like brushes, stethoscopes etc you should have two (or even 3) of everything.  One lives at home and never gets to travel.  The other lives in your trailer, so you never have to worry about forgetting it.  If you want to go as far as a third (which of course, I have), put together a crewing tote – anything you need at the vet checks when you cant come back to your trailer – syringes, elytes, stethoscopes, clean saddle pads, brushes, feed tubs.
  5. Relating back to point #4 – get in the habit of putting everything back where it belongs.  If you always keep X Y and Z in your saddle bag, you can rest easy knowing it will be there when you need it.  If it breaks or is used up?  Replace immediately or put it on your to do list!
  6. Use technology – when you go do your test ride 2 weeks before, save some voice notes as you go through your pack and ride to remind you what you are missing.  Caveat – if you use something with terrible speech to text recognition, you may just want to go back to pen and paper – you may not remember that “find like your lights” means find electrolytes or that “find sad Spanish” is find saddle sponge”
  7. Colour code – I use colour codes to indicate where I can find said item when it comes time to pack.  If Ashley has it (in trailer) its in pink. If its in the barn, its green and beige (our barn is green and beige), if its black, its in my house, if its highlighted in gold, its in my car, if its red – well I have no clue where it is and better get searching!
  8. Check the weather forecast – this is likely going to change what you need to pack.  Adjust accordingly and perhaps even plan for all seasons.

Shopping list

This is perhaps the easiest part here.  I dont have to even make you a list of tips because guess what, you already have the tools to make your shopping list!  Just go back to your meal plans and packing list and pull from there.


Lastly, start packing everything you can now because things you forgot will always pop the more time goes by… give yourself a fighting chance!


Ok so maybe I once again pulled out a bit of a dry post, but hopefully this will help you get going for your first ride.  Are you ready yet?


2 thoughts on “Packing tips for your first competitive distance ride (of the season, or ever!)”

    1. It helps me so much to actually put the meal plan down in words. I find if I don’t, I actually pack way too much food and either it ends up spoiling, or it just makes more work to pack up and cart around. Keep it simple!

      Another thing I didn’t mention, is for this ride, I am doing everything alone. No crew to feed. If I have people coming, I try to lock them in early and plan my meals around that. They will generally be fancier than my lunchmeat and tuna sandwiches here, but it is very important to make sure you show your crew your appreciation and make sure they are well fed:)


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