Rider - Solstice

Two years old

Two years have flown by, but I can still remember the day prince was born. He’s turning out to be a pretty amazing little horse, except now he’s not so little. With the dam being a paint 13″3 and a stud being an Arab 15″2, he’s already 14″1, he’s definitely going to be a good height.


So far Prince has shown twice in halter classes last year and I really hope this year he can do a lot more. Since he was born he has always been taught different things like having saddle pads on his back or lunging. This past winter Prince has been learning how to ground drive as well as work on the ground with no attachment to me; liberty.



I couldn’t be more happy with how much he wants to learn and how much he loves being not only around me, but around everyone. If anyone goes into his field 90% of the time he will stop whatever he’s doing to come and get attention.

Today is prince’s birthday and I couldn’t be happier of the decision to bring him into the world, since I was little my dream was to have a foal and watch it grow; this journey has just begun and I’m so excited to watch him grow up.

algonquin 2016 ipod 091


Just recently marked a big stepping stone in Prince’s life, I got on him and rode him around. He walks around very nicely with me on his back and someone in the middle lunging him around and I think he enjoys it too. He always stares at you if you’re riding another horse so now that I’ve ridden him a couple times he thinks he’s a big horse and shows it off a lot too.



So happy birthday Prince, or shall I say my prince charming.



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