Rider - Sarah

New Stuff!

You may recall back in March and April we ran a survey to get your thoughts on bringing in new inventory and promotions.  Well, we took your advice to heart and have some new things to offer you!

First, you guys overwhelmingly requested more of our classic shirts – and I totally get why!  These things are great, they are fun colours, feel nice on the skin, and don’t get heavy, faded, warped like the the cotton ones do.  They are perfect for athletic endeavors such as riding, running, ride N tie, gym, yoga, cycling, or any activity that you do!  There was also significant sway towards our classic (text logo) so we invested our dollars and have lots of new shirts to bring to events or for you to order online.

Ashley in an Extreme Orange v-neck, size Small


Ashley in a Gold Vneck sized Medium


We have also brought in some long sleeve shirts… this time we took your verbal feedback (at events) and put both logos on the shirt – the roadsign one down the arm like we do with our baselayers!

Longsleeve shirt on Sarah in Medium, Raspberry. Also, I take modelling our product very seriously… ooh kitty, MUST DO LION KING POSE!


We get a lot of repeat customers, and we love you  guys so much!  We are thrilled that you love our gear as much as we do.  However, we do want to grow our base and our survey said that many people had never heard of us until we shared our survey across multiple networks.  We are so happy this survey brought in some new followers and we hope you now know where to find our stuff.  In case you are still having trouble, here is a link to our online store.

Of those who already knew about us and had not yet purchased a shirt expressed concern over the cost or cost of shipping.  While our basic Tees can’t go any lower (without compromising quality – which is something I won’t give up!), we have decided to bring in some lower cost hoodies as well.  They are a little lighter than the jackets we had previously, and they don’t have the zippers, but they come in fun colours and a better price point for our more cost sensitive customers.  As an added bonus, we will run a promotion to ship all orders of $25+ for free within Canada, and $5 to the United States.

Sarah in a medium, Lime Shock hoodie.


Lastly, we learned that our demographics are largely based in Ontario, but we also have a significant presence in the United States as well… that makes sense, we shared a lot through the AERC channels!  Most of our followers come from Facebook, but there are a growing number of people using Instagram – so expect to see us post more exclusive content on these networks!

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to complete our survey.  We did announce our winner on Facebook, and we hope the offers and products we are putting into place will serve you better!

Enjoy your ride!



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