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Dogsledding? Sure!

There’s a certain letdown after a huge accomplishment.  It’s been almost a year since I decided I wanted to tackle Tevis.  Over Christmas last year I was driving cross country from Michigan to Southern California with two horses, one of which would hopefully make it to Tevis.  In August, we did it!

But then what?  Post adventure letdown.  But TODAY voting opens for hopefully the next big adventure!  It’s not horses…but it still involves animals with 4 legs…


Fjallraven Polar!  Each year 20 people from around the world have the opportunity to compete in an Iditarod style dogsled race in the Norwegian arctic.  For each of 10 regions of the world, two people get a spot.  One is selected by Fjallraven jury, the other by popular vote (this is going to be me!!)

Fjallraven is an outdoor clothing company based in Sweeden and they provide gear, training and dog teams to the expedition which culminates in a 3 day race.  No prior experience dogsledding is necessary.

I need your help to win this thing!  And please please share!


(Aren’t you glad I’m not fundraising?  This is an easy one!!)

Before I started writing for ESRR, I had (and still have) an adventure blog, www.whatthehellisrosedoingnow.com.  You will be able to follow the non-horse (but still endurance) related adventure there.  And of course since I’m in Southern California, it’s a bit challenging to dogsled, so I’ll be riding to stay fit and ready.  And I’m on the lookout for my next project horse with an eye towards next season.


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