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Fun in France – Part 1

Jeeze, I am woefully overdue to write a blog post. I have to admit, its been tough to find the motivation to write – all I really want to do is ride!  With all that has gone on in the last 3 months for me though, I have a ton of content to catch up on.  So I might as well start where I left off… the Month of May.  Let’s see how good my memory is these days. 

I have gotten to the point where instead of panicking about getting ready for a trip, I am panicking because I am not panicking.  I pre-pack everything a week before, then allot hours of packing time the night before, and then sit around saying “huh, I didn’t actually need that, what do I do now?!”  Or even better is when people ask me “who are you flying with” (the day before my flight) “uhhh I don’t know” and “where are you staying “yeah I don’t know that either, its been arranged for me. I think.  Well there are some days where I guess I will just be a gypsy”  “what are you doing?” “I’m going to ride, and then do some stuff, and then… I don’t know, will figure something ou”.  Maybe you already travel like this, but for my Type A personality, this was a HUGE stepping stone for me.  Taking a European vacation with the same cavalier attitude most would reserve for an all-inclusive in Mexico.  A true vacation.  No worries man.  Except I am worried that I am not worried.  Yeah, that’s me.

So I boarded my plane (once I figured out who with and when I was flying) and had a good nap on the Red-Eye to Paris.  Moments later thanks to the miracle of sleeping pills, I awoke in the City of Lights.  Grabbed my suitcase and did my best to navigate the train and streets to find my way to the Air BNB that Sandra had booked for us.  I was pleased with myself to have figured it out, but I was stupid early (and still pretty groggy from my sleeping pills).  I decided to just sit in the street out front of the home, realizing full well that I might just look homeless.  I probably smelled the part from my flight.  I did get to enjoy watching people pass through the alley-way, my favorite part was how it seemed like EVERY person who walked by was carrying a Baguette.  YESSS.  So amused with the stereotypes.  At some point our hosts noticed me and invited me to put my luggage in the home while they finished up the Vogue photo shoot that was going on inside.  Yup, you heard that correctly.  Its true, Sandra had picked us the coolest place in Paris.  Literally 16th century underground caverns.

I wandered around until more of the girls arrived and we went and toured together.  We walked around town, grabbed a snack, visited Notre Dame, and got stuck in a big thunderstorm.  By far, the highlight was coming across Mongolian throat singers.  Something very rare to find outside Mongolia, and how kismet was it that they just happened to be there when us Mongol Derby riders were reuniting.  I would say that’s some seriously good juju.

We picked up some wine and bread and cheese and fresh berries and brought them back to our homestead for nibblies before our dinner reservation.

It was a good thing we snacked because the restaurant had screwed up our dinner reservation and we didn’t end up getting in until much later.  We were a little grumpy but the food was great and the company even better.  We waddled home happy and warm from wine and dozed away dreaming of the ponies we would be riding for the next 6 days…




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