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Two years old

Two years have flown by, but I can still remember the day prince was born. He's turning out to be a pretty amazing little horse, except now he's not so little. With the dam being a paint 13"3 and a stud being an Arab 15"2, he's already 14"1, he’s definitely going to be a good… Continue reading Two years old

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Mannequin challenge

A couple of weeks ago the pony club that I am a member of decided to do the mannequin challenge. Now for those who don’t know what that is, it is a viral Internet video trend where people remain frozen like mannequins while a moving camera films, with the song "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd… Continue reading Mannequin challenge

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Through the Fields and Over the Jumps

It’s a little over three hours’ drive all the way to Ottawa, but gosh was it worth it. The Ottawa Valley Hunt Club does drag hunting and, for people that don’t know about hunting, a drag hunt is a set path the hounds follow that the “fox” has been. This is much faster than live… Continue reading Through the Fields and Over the Jumps

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Hunting with Toronto North York Hunt

October 22nd was my first joint hunt, Beaver meadow hunt club (my hunt club) and Toronto North York. The last couple of hunts I’ve ridden at I’ve unfortunately fallen off at, not gotten hurt, but an unplanned dismount definitely took place. First on what I thought my most trusted mount was, but apparently not Angel… Continue reading Hunting with Toronto North York Hunt

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Something ’bout the North

Through the years of doing endurance in AERC and OCTRA I have learned each ride has its challenges. Some challenges are much harder than others, some are more difficult for different people. Our first pioneer ride up in Madawaska was very challenging. From winding roads, to the hills and the rocks it was for sure… Continue reading Something ’bout the North