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Racing the Wild Coast – Movie Coming Soon!

Do you have goosebumps yet?

In October 2016, team riders Sarah and Rose rode in the inaugural Race the Wild Coast from Port Edward to Kei Mouth in South Africa.  Throughout the race, they and ten other riders were filmed on their journey… the product of which will be coming soon to your screens!  Stay tuned here and at the Rockethorse site and we will keep you informed of the release date as it becomes available!

What was it like to be filmed while riding this epic race?


Sarah and Asad being filmed during vetting later in the race. Photo courtesy of Rockethorse Racing.

“I am not going to lie, I avoided the film crew at first.  I was worried that taking time to interview with them on my holds would slow down my vet checks – and having efficient vet checks and horse changes was my strategy for the race.  Any time I saw them approaching I would make myself busy… fussing over my horse or my pack.  Once I had my routine down later in the race, I took some time to let them in.”


Sam and Monde catch up to Sarah. Photo courtesy of Rockethorse Racing.

“We would be riding on a goat track the edge of a cliff with a hundred metre drop straight to the ocean.  Then we would hear the whip whip whip sound of the helicopter approaching and just think ‘oh crap, what is coming next?’  ‘don’t spook, don’t spook, don’t spook’ and of course ‘don’t look at it you fool, they told you not to and wave at the cameras.  Slap a smile on your face and pretend that your chafed damp legs aren’t stinging like a thousand wasps got in your pants.  You are having fun remember?’  Later in the race when I was alone fighting to keep Asad moving, the familiar sound of the chopper told me that Sam and Monde were closing in.  It was a telltale sign that something exciting was about to happen.”


Jamie following Rose on her second horse Eclipe into a vet check. Photo courtesy of Rockethorse Racing.

“My headlamp turned out to be water resistant, not ‘swim rivers’ water proof.  The second morning, getting ready in the dark, I was quite happy to have the camera crew following me around with their bright lights.”


“At a certain point, I found myself looking for the camera crew when something hilarious or frustrating was happening.  It started to feel like a natural extension of whatever it is that drives me to blog in the first place.  Sometimes when I’m trying to write a blog and reconstruct an event and find the right pictures, I think how much more convenient it would be if I just had a camera crew.  That said, I don’t like seeing myself in photos or on video.  Seeing myself on video, I can’t help wondering if I look that goofy all the time.



And if you are feeling motivated and inspired by the video, why not apply for a spot in the 2018 race?

Can’t make it for one reason another?  Not to worry, Ashley will do it so you don’t have to.  Help her fundraising efforts by purchasing an ESRR tee or hoodie!


Show Days

From riding my coach’s horse Beau, to riding my own horses in both endurance and mounted games, I would say I’m pretty busy. This past weekend was quite busy, with having a show each day this weekend. Over the whole weekend Beau was a good boy. With some classes better than others because you can’t be perfect all the time right?

Friday was Lindsay Ex. This was my first Morgan show ever. We competed in 4 classes getting 2nd,3rd,1st,2nd. Most of the classes had about five people in it, with some pretty good competition too. There was also tough competition in the Saturday Roseneath Fair. Friday was quite the cold day though. All the girls riding for my coach we huddled up in the trailer pretty much until we showed at 11. Luckily Saturday was much better. It was cold in the morning, but it got warmer as the day went on.

At the RoseneathFair we got 5th,2nd,1st,2nd,3rd. Both Friday and Saturday were flat class only, so Beau wasn’t super happy, he’d much rather be jumping. Sunday we competed in two divisions hack and x-rail. For the flat part of the we did relatively the same as the other day. For the jumping part Beau was in his glory. Out of 11 we got 2 in hunter over fences and 3 in equitation over fences.

So what next? This weekend I have Oktoberfest. 14 miles Saturday and 50 miles Sunday on Linda Klarner’s horse Jack. I can’t wait to see how much better he is compared to his first ever 50 mile. Boy I really hope it doesn’t rain, October rains aren’t exactly the warmest showers you could say. I don’t especially like feeling cold and wet for a whole day either.

Have a great weekend, TGIF.


Better late then never!

September 10 I was supposed to go to a mounted games meet in Newmarket, but unfortunately rain loves to happen on the weekends so sadly it was canceled. The 11th was another horse show for me and Beau. The show was in Bethany at Sky haven. They have a huge arena and outdoor ring with beautiful jumps from your dreams.

I decided to compete in the hack division and 2″3. With 4 classes in both divisions. In the hack division Beau would not cooperate whatsoever. I ask for a halt and he backs up, I ask for a walk and he canters I ask for a straight line and he goes sideways. So to say the least he had a lot of energy. By the last hack class he was starting to get better, but was still being a bit of a bum. I was so mad and frustrated I was almost ready to cry, I literally asked myself why I ride this horse.

We had our warm up for our jumping course early so we could take his bridle off for him to eat. Luckily this worked out in my favour; I think taking off his bridle calmed him down. I started my flat section of my 2″3 division and he was much calmer by that time and did much better. Like most judges though they prefer big clunky horses with no brain rather than a horse that actually has something fancy with a stride. So we didn’t place in the hunter flat portion. Equitation was next and boy was it a challenge.

We went for around 5 minutes to get down to 6 out of 11 and then we went for another 5 minutes. We had to do sitting trot, collected canter and halts in the first group. The top six then became much harder. With having to do sitting trot without stirrups for what seemed like forever, we crossed the diagonal and then finally pick up our stirrups with no instructions of what pace. Many people stopped or walked, but she never said to stop. I continued trotting along picking up my stirrups and posting on.

Can you guess what I came? 1st!! I couldn’t believe it. For our jumping class Beau did great. Happily jumping over every jump and getting every canter lead around the whole course. To say the least I was happy to tell myself this is why I ride this horse.


Two for the show

Starting last fall I started riding my coach’s horses. I started showing for her in spring of this year riding her 6 year old Morgan gelding Beau. This year I’ve been mainly showing flat, with some jumping shows. Before me Beau has not really done any showing and this year he’s done so well. He’s been getting a whole lot of 1st, 2nd and 3rd against some good competition.

This past competition went very well. We got three 1st and a 2nd in our four flat classes. The weekend was quite rainy so many people didn’t participate in this show. My coach decided to enter Beau and I in some hunter jumping classes. We have competed in jumping 2 times before, but only at cross rail level. I was entered in hunter hack, low hunter 2”3 and baby hunter 2”6. The first jumping class was horrible, Beau thought that the brush boxes were monsters so stopped and refused to go over the first jump on our first try. Our second try was much more successful, getting over the jump, but by a mile.

Our 2”3 class was much better after the first few jumps, but our 2”6 class was phenomenal. Beau got every lead and didn’t knock down a jump. He even did a flying lead change in the middle of two jumps and can you believe it we got first! So now we have another show this next weekend doing 2”, hopefully it’s big enough.



A story of success

The last weekend in May was quite the weekend. I was riding a horse for someone in a local schooling show. I’ve only competed with this horse once before, and he is the best horse you could ever ask for. He’s a horse that knows what to do, it’s whether he’s going to do things properly or not.

In this schooling show I decided to do the flat division as well as the crossrail division. In this horse’s whole life he’s only been to three shows: Two being flat classes only, and this recent show, flat and jumping. Just to add to the difficulty he has never been jumped away from home before. Going into this show I had no idea what he would be like. I was just hoping that I would give him the confidence to do everything he needed to.

Apparently it worked, because at the schooling show we did the best I could ever imagine. In the flat classes we got two 3rd and a 1st out of 5, and in the cross rail classes we got two 3rd and two 2nd out of 10. Finally to bring it all home we also got champion for the cross rail division. When they announced this I was open mouth shocked.

This weekend coming up I’m going to two different shows. Saturday is our local towns fair. To add to the excitement I’m also bringing Prince to his first show. So I’m hoping all goes well and both of the horses do great and continue with the success they have had so far.


First ride adventures

The first ride of the season was, well lets say not my farms best ride. Many things happened that were very unfortunate. So let me start you at the beginning. I was supposed to have my friend riding Angel, but unfortunately the week before she got the same irritation on her back like last year at NAETC, no riding for her she wouldn’t even let us touch her back without kicking and ears to her neck.

We drove up to Aprilfest on the Friday night before the ride with Desi and Liza, set up camp, went to the camp fire for a little bit and then went to sleep. Saturday morning we woke up, set up the pit crew spot and vetted out. It was beautiful out side with myself only a t-shirt on.

For the first time I was riding Jack (not my horse) in a competition. From start to finish on trail Jack was an Angel never pulling on the bit, always eating and drinking when you asked him to and more. At the half way vet check Jack started having a fit. Since he hasn’t really done endurance a lot I understand. He doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do and  I’m sure was stressed with everything. I decided to pass him to his owner, Linda and very soon he quieted down and he was back to being the horse he was out on trail.

The second loop was great until 3 miles from home. We were riding beside Linda on her other horse when all of a sudden Linda’s horse ran into my horse and kicked out. Catching my leg and Jack’s side. We got to the vet check  at the end and the vet could see something, but still completed us since it was hardly noticeable. I was worried that the horse wouldn’t be fine and I would drop out from the Sunday portion, but Linda convinced me he would be fine and so he was .

Unfortunately it was raining and windy all day Sunday. Desi (my horse) was suppose to be ridden in a 50 mile and was for sure ready to roll. Trot out came in the morning and guess what… She’s lame. Since we both had Desi and Liza we decided to put Liza in the 25 mile to see how she would do. Getting Liza ready we hear galloping horse hooves and to our surprise it’s Desi running around camp. Apparently her new job is in the jumping ring now.

We finally finished our ride without any real exciting events, except for finding a lost person in the woods. At 6 miles from home on our last loop we came across a young lady, I would guess first year of university or college. She told us she had been walking around the forest for about 4 hours. She asked us for directions and we told her we just follow the flags we have no clue where we are, but because we’re nice people we told her to go to the water through about .5 miles back and someone would come and pick her up. Unfortunately she decided not to go to the water through and well that’s where the story ends, hopefully she has made it out of the woods and home safe, but honestly I really can’t say.

At awards time surprisingly Jack got best condition. Liza completed her first 25 and we were all happy to get out of the rain. We drove home Sunday night and of course the rain stopped once we left the ride. Today I’m competing at a show with another horse I’m riding for someone, hopefully all goes well. To leave you all on a last note, to all the mothers, grand mothers and more have a great Mother’s Day, make the day as special as you are.

All the best



 At around 3 am on April 22nd 2015 a year from this day, Prince was born.



Since the moment I saw him standing in the stall I knew he was perfect. His dusty coloured coat with a brown line up his back and a white spot on his nose.

Let me tell you he has exceeded expectations. I had many names thrown my way as to what to call him, but I came up with Prince and that’s the name he will have until the day he dies. I called him Prince so I can tell everyone I met my Prince Charming! Cheesy right? Oh well he’s my baby and nothing that’s going to change about that.


For quite a while now Prince has started becoming more and more like a stallion (which I don’t want) overall he hasn’t really been that bad, but every so often his hormones would kick in and he would be anything but good. We had our barn annual checkup and the vet said the chop could happen any time.


April 12 was the day we decided on and so the day came. Unfortunately we had to do it in his stall since it was fairly cold and windy outside. Prince got a whole bunch of needles for sedation, penicillin and much more. Prince was a great patient even the vet said so. The surgery was about 30 minutes and even though it looked very uncomfortable, Prince seemed fairly unscathed from the event. For now Prince is doing good and enjoying the time I’m having to spend exercising him. I’m so excited for the day I can finally jump on him and do anything I want, and I’m sure he’s excited too.


All the best


The perfect weekend

This past weekend was my endurance club’s (OCTRA)AGM and banquet. This year it was held in Cobourg which is nice for me because it’s about 20 minutes from my house. On Saturday morning until around noon I sat at the ESRR booth, talking to people and selling product.

Around noon was when the AGM started so there weren’t many booths open. Unfortunately I had a lot of homework to do so I went to our shared hotel room to wait for my friends to finally arrive. They arrived around 1:30 and we were all glad to see each other. I haven’t seen my one friend since the last ride of the season.

octra 022
Dressed up almost ready to head down to the awards


The banquet was great, seeing and catching up everyone I haven’t seen in a while was really nice. At the awards I got top junior for the 4th year in a row, my 2000 miles, my horses 1500 miles and 4th in endurance.

octra 027
Top junior trophy and ribbon as well as 4th endurance ribbon.


On Sunday my friend and I went for a ride on my two Arabs, Desi and Angel. When we checked the time going home we couldn’t believe 2.5 hours had already flown by. Both the horses and people enjoyed the ride very much and the weather was very nice too. Heading home I was very comfortable in a sweater. Can’t wait for it to be warm all the time.

octra 023
Angel all ready to go.


octra 025
Desi in her new bridle.

Exciting enough for you?

I’m going to take you back to a day about two weeks ago. Tuesday the 20th of October at 5:07 in the morning, I was awakened by a huge bang and the shaking of my house. I woke up alarmed, not knowing whether to run or to hide. I looked around my room seeing there was still a wall around me, a roof above me and a floor on the ground.

My mom looked around the house to see nothing and to leave us pondering. We went back to sleep thinking, well we don’t see the world crashing down around us, but really it was. Well at least not at our house, but a mile away the world was really crashing down, but to be more exact, blowing up. When I woke up in the morning I found out that a house a mile away exploded. Cause is not determined yet. One dead with the body found. The house has been on the market for sale for over a year being listed at 1.5 million.

All that was left standing of the house and garage is two chimneys and outside of the house two burnt out cars. There’s pieces of the house that have been thrown everywhere; it was a horrible explosion that no one has ever felt or seen before and hopefully will never see again.


After explosion
After explosion

A Weekend of Excitement

Saturday I had a local horse fair so I brought my mom’s paint to jump and do some flat classes. I got 1st in showmanship and equitation, 2nd in working hunter and 3rd in both equitation over fences and pleasure. It was a fun change from my regular endurance race weekend. Then on Sunday I went to the beaver meadow foxhunt. In the hunt there are three fields (speeds). Frist field is the fastest pace, does jumping and is usually just a bit behind the hounds. Second field is a bit slower and you might pass jumps, but most likely won’t do them. Third field is the slowest field that mostly does walk and some trot, it is good to train horses or just get them used to the environment.

I took Angel in second field for her first hunt. She was very good for not being racy but she was every excited sometimes. We got about an hour until we were going to head home and there was a jump on the trail and it wasn’t too big so I wanted to try it. I was about third strides before the jump and Angel leaped sideways. She apparently saw a way around the jump, so she decided to go through small trees that were only about two feet apart. So my one leg got taken off my horse almost like I was dismounting. Most times my falls are slow motion, but this fall was in a blink of an eye I was on my horse and then I was on the ground without a chance to do anything. I was so mad at Angel not because I was hurt or anything, but let me fall on the ground and I got dirty. Like are you kidding me I’m only in my show clothing, ya let’s just dump Solstice in the dirt, that’s great, thanks.

After the accident at the jump we continued on and decided that we were going to switch to the first field since they were just a bit ahead of us. Since the first field is usually really close to the hounds we got closer to them and hounds started running out of the forest and my horses didn’t know what to think. She started running sideways and I lost a stirrup, I was not ready to fall off twice in one day so I clung with my legs as hard as I could. My horse thankfully only jumped sideways a bit so I was quickly able to regain my stirrup.

We continued on with the first field and they got up to a coop that you had to jump. You had to jump the coop (about 2”6) because if you didn’t you would run though wire. Angel is not that good of a jumper and because of the accident of before I was shaking I was so scared. All that was going through my head was that I was going to kill both myself and my horse, this was definitely the end. I waited until I was one of the last one and I cantered up three, two, I pulled her to a stopped since she was headed to the wire. I waited for a couple more riders to go. When we were waiting for someone to jump their horse ran to the side and got tangled in the wire. Luckily it wasn’t hot and it was only a single thread of wire. I tried again when she had gotten though and Angel hopped right over, I think she knew she was going to be left behind. Then the stable mate of Angel, Desi hopped right over behind her.

So as you can imagine if you have to jump into the field, yes you guessed it right you have to jump out. Unfortunately for us the coop was larger about 3”, let me just remind you again ANGEL DOES NOT JUMP. The only option was either to try it or to go back the way we came and jump the 2”6 one that was on a bad angle. So I tried the jump once and my horse stopped, Desi also stopped a stride before the jump. Desi doesn’t like jumping scary things if you are on her back, but if you get off and jump it with her she hops right over. So as Desi stalled right before the jump I just yelled at her to get over and from a stand still she hooped over it. Since Angel didn’t want to be left behind she jumped over like it was nothing. There was only one other horse left to jump the coop so we waited form them to finally get over the jump.

This weekend was very full of excitement and different experiences. Now back to school again and surprisingly it has actually gone really fast. It’s both scary and exciting. Scary because I don’t know how my future will be, but exciting because who likes the boring same life every day.