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Civilian Service Horse Sensory Program

As you may remember from a previous post, Splash and I joined the Ontario Mounted Special Services Unit (OMSSU). From July 14-16 , we participated in the first clinic of its kind in Ontario: the Civilian Service Horse Sensory Program.  While this clinic was open to anyone, it was mandatory training for members of the OMSSU… Continue reading Civilian Service Horse Sensory Program

ontario mounted special services unit
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Ontario Mounted Special Services Unit

In addition to endurance, Splash will soon be holding another side job as a member of the Ontario Mounted Special Services Unit (OMSSU). The OMSSU offers the following services: Wilderness, rural & urban/suburban searches for missing/lost persons Disaster response ground teams & manpower assistance Assist with large animal rescue that results from natural or man… Continue reading Ontario Mounted Special Services Unit