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Racing the Wild Coast – Movie Coming Soon!

Do you have goosebumps yet?

In October 2016, team riders Sarah and Rose rode in the inaugural Race the Wild Coast from Port Edward to Kei Mouth in South Africa.  Throughout the race, they and ten other riders were filmed on their journey… the product of which will be coming soon to your screens!  Stay tuned here and at the Rockethorse site and we will keep you informed of the release date as it becomes available!

What was it like to be filmed while riding this epic race?


Sarah and Asad being filmed during vetting later in the race. Photo courtesy of Rockethorse Racing.

“I am not going to lie, I avoided the film crew at first.  I was worried that taking time to interview with them on my holds would slow down my vet checks – and having efficient vet checks and horse changes was my strategy for the race.  Any time I saw them approaching I would make myself busy… fussing over my horse or my pack.  Once I had my routine down later in the race, I took some time to let them in.”


Sam and Monde catch up to Sarah. Photo courtesy of Rockethorse Racing.

“We would be riding on a goat track the edge of a cliff with a hundred metre drop straight to the ocean.  Then we would hear the whip whip whip sound of the helicopter approaching and just think ‘oh crap, what is coming next?’  ‘don’t spook, don’t spook, don’t spook’ and of course ‘don’t look at it you fool, they told you not to and wave at the cameras.  Slap a smile on your face and pretend that your chafed damp legs aren’t stinging like a thousand wasps got in your pants.  You are having fun remember?’  Later in the race when I was alone fighting to keep Asad moving, the familiar sound of the chopper told me that Sam and Monde were closing in.  It was a telltale sign that something exciting was about to happen.”


Jamie following Rose on her second horse Eclipe into a vet check. Photo courtesy of Rockethorse Racing.

“My headlamp turned out to be water resistant, not ‘swim rivers’ water proof.  The second morning, getting ready in the dark, I was quite happy to have the camera crew following me around with their bright lights.”


“At a certain point, I found myself looking for the camera crew when something hilarious or frustrating was happening.  It started to feel like a natural extension of whatever it is that drives me to blog in the first place.  Sometimes when I’m trying to write a blog and reconstruct an event and find the right pictures, I think how much more convenient it would be if I just had a camera crew.  That said, I don’t like seeing myself in photos or on video.  Seeing myself on video, I can’t help wondering if I look that goofy all the time.



And if you are feeling motivated and inspired by the video, why not apply for a spot in the 2018 race?

Can’t make it for one reason another?  Not to worry, Ashley will do it so you don’t have to.  Help her fundraising efforts by purchasing an ESRR tee or hoodie!


Fundraising Party Online

My family will be hosting a party for me this weekend for family, friends and sponsors to send me their last well-wishes and to do some last minute fundraising for my expenses, LongRun, and CoolEarth.  It got me to thinking, why shouldn’t the internet be able to partake in my reindeer games?

So up until this Saturday at 9pm EST, I will have a link up top there that says “Party”.  From there, you can buy raffle tickets, and “play” some of the games I am working on.

Goodbye bank account

The good news is I have made my final payment for my entry fees.  I have paid for most of my hotel nights, and I have most of my gear.  Now its just the bits and pieces I need to scramble together and spending money.

It is now lingering with slight weight on my credit card.  If you have been holding off on sponsoring me or donating to one of the charities I am fundraising for, now might be a good time!

Update on the moolah!

It’s almost time for me to make another installment on my entry fees, so I think its fair for me to publicly update on my fundraising progress.  I did a quick estimation of what I still have to pay for upcoming (plane ticket, hotel, 2 entry fee installments, misc gear, shots and visas, etc).  My rough estimation is that I still have about $8500 CAD worth of my own expenses yet to cover.  Lee will read this and suppress a vomit, but I am actually pretty pleased with this number – I still have decent stock of my shirts to sell (which I suspect won’t last long once Ride season starts), and I am good at making budgets work.  It’s a manageable number at at the very very very worst, its less than the limit on our Amex or the total of our investments.

As for fundraising for my charities, I am dragging behind a little bit.  I have been saving and writing cheques for LongRun, at 10% of my t-shirt and tackswap sales, and that will continue.  So far though, that is only about $200 to them (though I do have lots of orders waiting on the first few rides of the season!)  I haven’t fund raised anything for CoolEarth yet.

So here is the plan going forward:

  • If you want to support just me and help cover my costs – visit my Sponsorship page where you can either donate online with your credit card, or contact me via email to donate products for my use or to go in my online auction.
  • Support me AND LongRun – Visit my online store and purchase a shirt.  OR visit my online auction and bid on a donated product.
  • Support JUST LongRun *NEW* – Visit my sponsorship page and click the link that says “Donate to LongRun”.  It will take you to a page specifically for my efforts and allow you to donate, while helping me meet my minimum donation requirement.
  • Support JUST CoolEarth *NEW* – Visit my sponsorship page and click the link that says “Donate to CoolEarth“.  It will take you to a page specifically for my efforts and allow you to donate, while helping me meet my minimum donation requirement.

If you are a company interested in sponsoring me in exchange for advertising, please e-mail me directly to discuss potential options.