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Racing the Wild Coast – Movie Coming Soon!

Do you have goosebumps yet? In October 2016, team riders Sarah and Rose rode in the inaugural Race the Wild Coast from Port Edward to Kei Mouth in South Africa.  Throughout the race, they and ten other riders were filmed on their journey... the product of which will be coming soon to your screens!  Stay… Continue reading Racing the Wild Coast – Movie Coming Soon!

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You Can’t Ride With Me

"I can't have them cleaning two riders off the ground" was all I could think as the freshly broken mare I was riding leaped and bucked and ran through the trees as branches pulled me every direction. I don't know how I managed to stay on, perhaps it was the will from my previous thought,… Continue reading You Can’t Ride With Me

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Never A Dull Moment

If you’re a regular follower of the blog, you will know that Sarah and I can never have just a “normal” ride together. This past weekend, despite the forecast, our goal was to do a long training ride of 40km (25 miles). Fortunately the rain held off on Sunday and we had a dry ride.… Continue reading Never A Dull Moment

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Through the Fields and Over the Jumps

It’s a little over three hours’ drive all the way to Ottawa, but gosh was it worth it. The Ottawa Valley Hunt Club does drag hunting and, for people that don’t know about hunting, a drag hunt is a set path the hounds follow that the “fox” has been. This is much faster than live… Continue reading Through the Fields and Over the Jumps

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What To Pack In My Saddle Bags?!

Everyone has their own personal preference about what they carry with them when they ride. And that’s ok! I personally just try to carry with me what I will need to get through the loop and back to the trailer/crewing area so as not to overload my horse with everything but the kitchen sink.  … Continue reading What To Pack In My Saddle Bags?!

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Riding products that will change your life – Ashley

Okay, so they may not change your life, but they will change the way you ride. Endurance riding is tough (hey, if it was easy, everyone would do it!) but there are products and gadgets out there that can make our ride a little more comfortable. The following are some things that I use when… Continue reading Riding products that will change your life – Ashley